Where to Begin

The first thing to do is to dream, to imagine your ideal surroundings. If you are having difficulty visualizing what you would like, I suggest you view other private and public yards and gardens for inspiration. Write down what your perfect landscape would entail and your plant and material likes and dislikes. Create a file of photos from magazines or other sources that you feel express what you would like to see in your landscape.  Think about how you will use the space. Remember, your yard is an extension of your home, your outdoors rooms. 


Welcome. Now that you have decided it is time to transform your landscape, I would like to make the design process go as smoothly as possible for you. Elements of Design custom landscape design offers consulting and innovative conceptual designs. The design process begins as soon as you contact me about your project. We will schedule a consultation at your home to walk your property and to discuss the expectations you have for your landscape.

When you approve moving forward with a landscape design, we will work together to determine the scope of the design. Whether you are in need of a complete design, or looking to develop a specific area, each design project is carefully planned and tailored with your needs, personality and style taken into account. A landscape design is a worthwhile investment, even if you are planning stages of improvement. A design will save you costly landscape mistakes and frustrations and provide a plan for the overall outcome of your landscape.


Prior to the drafting of your design, I will fully evaluate your site and elements of importance that may impact the design. I will take photos and measurements of your home and site. Taking a ‘whole picture’ approach, I view the entire landscape environment; the placement of the home on your site, the style of your home, the terrain, the site its self and how areas surrounding your site are viewed. In addition, I will use my education, experience and creative ability to visualize a landscape with you in mind, to design a landscape that is not only beautiful but functional as well.

The Design

A detailed draft of your design, including plant material and quantities, is completed to scale entirely by hand at my drawing board. Your home and site are unique and your landscape should be distinctive. I believe that  stamped out, computer generated representations most often produce recurrent products.


Once the design is complete, we will schedule a follow up meeting so that I may present your landscape design. The final design becomes yours to do with as you chose; whether you wish to have the landscape installed by a contractor or do the work yourself. If you elect to complete the project in stages, I will help your determine what area, areas or plantings are most important and vital.


It is important to me that my clients value the design and experience I provide. I strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction, enjoyment and the aesthetic of your home's exterior spaces are all paramount to me.


How to get started

For information or to set up a consultation appointment, please contact me at 507.864.7885 or 507.450.2291. Or send an email request to